René Hofmann

music producer

“Free your mind and your ass will follow”

-George Clinton-


Fat&Holy Records is a music production company by René Hofmann.

– born 1986
– based in Darmstadt, Germany
– autodidactic musician, producer and sound engineer
– music nerd


I am a workaholic. There are always projects running and if I have a spark of creativity, nothing else has importance in that moment.

After 100 years of recording history everything is allowed. So every artist deserves his own sound.

Recording & Mixing

Specialized in vinyl mastering and cutting. Always up to date in making a „shining finish“ in all digital and analog formats.


Every venue and mixing desk you can imagine... I will handle them all. I am 4 wheel drive for every terrain.

FOH & Monitor Mixing

In my network are designers, merchandising companies, booking agencies, label managers, distributors, technicians for lights and sound and so on.

Problem solver


…a small selection of releases I was involved in production, mixing and/or mastering

24/7 Diva Heaven - stress - red, mix
Trail - Spaces - mst
Galactic Superlords - Freigh Train - rec, mix
Vvlva - Sihouettes - rec
King Buffalo - Live at Freak Valley - mix,mst
Black Voodoo Train - We Are Not In California - mst
Wight - Spank The World - rec,mix
Galactic Superlords - ST, 2018 - rec,mix
Bad Sugar Rush - Liar/Push Me - rec, must
Glanville - First Blood - rec


Yes, you can talk about equipment. But it’s about the right guy, the right choice and decision. Trust your ears and it will be right!

What I don’t own by myself, I can organize. I love SM57 and MD421 nearly everywhere, because they rock! …and I love ribbon microphones (especially Beyer M160), they are good to your ears. Room microphones are are a must have in every performance.

I have a lot of amplifiers for guitar, bass and keyboards and I still prefer putting a mic in front of a cabinet than plug-ins. An amp is half of the instrument „electric guitar“ and the right combination makes the sound most exciting. Vox AC30, Peavey 5150, Mesa Boogie Studio 22, Linnemann 45W Plexi Clone, Roland Jazz Chorus… are just a few names to drop, next to obscure amplifiers like the „Poseidon“

I love instruments. The haptic feeling, advatages and disadvatages have an impact on your performance. Next to a bunch of guitars and basses, I have a Wurlitzer Piano, Organs and Clavinet. You can have Synthesizers like the ARP Odyssey, Moog Sub Phatty, MicroKorg along with all kinds of percussion instruments, like Congas, Bongos, small and special percussion. Whatever you can imagine, can be organized within hours.

Of course, I love mixing „in the box“. Plug-ins nowadays are sounding so good and it saves so much time with total recall and automations. I want to get most of my sound already before the recorded track. Choosing the right equipment, microphone, preamp etc. makes already 90% of the sound. The roughmix should give you already the true impression of your performance. Where you wanna go from there is a creative choice and it seems there are no limits with software effects. But there are many things a computer can hardly simulate, especially „dirt“. That’s why I built a complete hybrid surface with a Dante Network to work with all analog and digital gear simultaneously.

Tape sound? No Problem with a Foster 1/2″ 16 track reel to reel or a stereo Revox B77!
Analog mixing? Possible with a Tascam 32 channel in-line console and a bunch of dynamics (Drawmer, dbx, Radioman) and effects (EV spring rev, Lexicon, TC, WEM Copicat and Yamaha)!


Front of House Mixing since 2012 for My Sleeping Karma

Front of House Mixing since 2019 for The Alligator Wine

In-house technician since 2014

In-house technician since 2014

write to fatandholy at gmail dot com

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